3 D model


These is the phase two for making our project ,In these we had started making the project in Revit Software so that we could give the 3D look to our model so that it could perfectly explained the proposed of making these model. We have used it’s different tools and also we have tried to make different view from all direction so that we could explain it in a better way, it took us 3-4 days for making the model in perfect shape

Drawing of plan in autocad

Today we had made the rough sketch for for product and doing revalidation for our Product and for that we have decided to make a 3d model for our project and for that we decided to make it in autocad 3d and Revit and we started the initial phase for our project i.e making of our plan for underground subway for pedestrian.

In first phase we finalised dimension and draw that in autocad ,initally we get the help from  plan and some of them dimension obtain with the help of google earth pro, getting help form google was very usefull for our project.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 19.09.55.jpeg


Discussion of Revalidation of Product

After Revalidation of our product from various expert and obtaining seggestion from them we discuss these modification with our mentor and decided which modification would be benificial for our product and which would incresed it uses and would be more benifical for the the public.

After discussion our team with the help of exixting plan decided the dimension and  we started making a rough sketch for our product. So that it could be more usefull for taking that to further.

Application of existing plan


As after revalidation of our products we need to do some modifications for our product so we had applied for detail design of the existing plan so that we could do some modifications in it as per we have been instructed.

After giving application for Plan of underground subway after 2-3 days we got a required plan of underground passage and after that we started our work from next day only and also started Searching for data and dimensions required for the think that are to be modified in the product

Introduction Design Engineering II-B


Design Engineering II-B started with introduction to subject ,what we have to do and what new things we need to add and how to coutinue our last sem project , or we can also change our domain if we want , our faculty started with the new things that we have to add in our project . Then we were also given the schedule for whole sem for DE.  We were introduced to the concept of realization of the product and were even explained by our faculty head Prof. Sejal Bhagat about the real life aspect of our outcome and that all for that day.



Revalidation of Project

Under the revalidation of project we have taken certain interview regarding the product developed by our team.

Date 22/01/19

Time :- 17:00 hrs

We have visited Anand Kheradia who is an Ex Engineer of R&B Surat, so that we could discuss our product and can get some suggestion and improvement that can be helpfull to make our product more usefull to public.

He told that for city like Surat where traffic is high and road width are quite constrain making of under ground will be very helpfull also after reduction of traffic chances of accident will also reduce and space for walking for pedestrain could also be increased.

He also mentioned that we have to provide some interlinks also so the the  public could use the underground pass effectively, and ended the interview.WhatsApp Image 2019-03-29 at 16.37.36.jpeg

PDC and proto-type













The purpose of LNM is to identify the requirements of learning among the team members. While
a new product/process is under development based on a unique idea (to reduce the level of
difficulty faced by a user), the team members need to learn and explore a lot of new skills and
documents, methods and guidelines.




We had taken domain transportation engineering , and we have mainly focused on pedestrain walk ,and their satety movement on footpath we have visited many site such as railway station, Ring Road , Textile market, etc to analysis the problem faced by people during their movement on that rod below shows some of the photograph of the visited sitesCapture.PNG

World Ozone Day(16/09/18)

Ozone is one of the most important gas which protect human form ultra-violet ray and also other harmful gases, so it is important to make awareness about ozone gas and also save it from depleting is our duty towards nature,So to create this awarness among people ,from civil engineering department ,ME student organised function to spread knowlege about ozone gas



the students have prepared and presented a detail information on ozone gas, where it is located,percentage of gas in atmosphere and etc, the had also made a model on the particular day in support for ozone gas


The phaseout of controlled uses of ozone depleting substances and the related reductions have not only helped protect the ozone layer for this and future generations, but have also contributed significantly to global efforts to address climate change; furthermore, it has protected human health and ecosystems by limiting the harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching the earth.


Garba night 

Garba night was held at my college. So many students came with traditional clothes. There was competition also which is categorised like best dress and best garba for both male and female.